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Former Refugee Takes Her Shot at Being NASA’s Next Astronaut

Growing up as a young girl in Colombia, Laura was aware of the dangers that she and her family faced every day. Their neighborhood was a “red zone,” a notably dangerous area with high levels of crime and gang violence. When she was asked by a local gang to hide and transport drugs at her school, her family knew it was time to flee Colombia. 

After years of unrest and instability, Laura finally found a home in Ecuador. But just as Laura was beginning to feel stable again, her life was interrupted once more when her family was selected for resettlement to the United States. Moving to Providence, Rhode Island, Laura struggled with learning English and adapting to a new culture. 

Despite the many challenges she faced, Laura never gave up her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. Today, she is a college graduate and her future is brighter than ever. 

“That’s the ultimate goal. I want to be an astronaut.”