Investing In Impact For Refugees Help
A young Ukrainian mother carries her three-month-old baby and her three-year-old toddler across the Tiszabecs border crossing into Hungary after she fled Ukraine leaving her husband behind. On arrival, Ukrainians and other nationalities are screened and registered. They are guided to assembly points where they can apply for asylum and are given temporary documentation. ; Russia launched its military offensive in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. By 27 February, hundreds of thousands of people had fled to safety inside Ukraine or neighbouring countries. The largest numbers headed west into Poland, with others making for Hungary, Moldova, Romania and beyond. © UNHCR/Zsolt Balla

Solidarity for Displaced Ukrainians

A multi-channel campaign in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine generated more than $92M, from more than 100,000 new individual donors and with support from more than 150 new corporate and foundation donors. The private sector demonstrated its generosity and solidarity through direct contributions, while also launching creative initiatives to help engage stakeholders such as employee giving programs and donation match funding.

Transformational activity included a collaboration with Epic Games that raised $144M to support five organizations including UNHCR, which received $28 million, and a $1 million matching donation call from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds raised more than $5.36 million through robust engagement on their social media channels.

Contributions from the private sector enabled UNHCR to respond quickly at the start of the crisis by arranging airlift and truck convoys of assistance both to refugees and displaced people inside Ukraine. Emergency cash assistance helped those in need find safe shelter, warmth and food.