Our Donors
Eleven-month-old Kamina, her mother and grandparents fleeing the conflict in Ukraine cross into Austria from Hungary at the Nickelsdorf crossing point. The family are heading for Belgium where they have relatives. ; Many refugees say they are on their way to join family or friends in other European Union countries while others are planning to stay in Austria. Support has been mobilized throughout Austria. © UNHCR/Ruth Schöffl

USA for UNHCR Donors Share Words of Love and Kindness to Ukrainian Families

“My children (12 and 7) have been heartbroken watching the reports coming out of Ukraine, so they set up a lemonade stand to raise funds for families. They raised $400.” — Nancy C.

“Me and my wife were born in Kyiv, Ukraine, my friends live there now during the war and I feel that I have to do something to help Ukraine in that difficult time.” — Alex V.

“My parents were refugees from Cambodia. I don’t know exactly which organizations helped my parents survive and resettle in the USA, but I do know that it couldn’t have been done without the help of many strangers. I deeply understand the kinds of suffering that one can go through as a refugee and I want to help make sure that no one has to go through that kind of suffering for too long.” — James O.

“My grandparents are from Ukraine and came to America with the help of this organization [UNHCR] after WWII and being in displaced person camps in Europe.” — Ashley R.

“Hearing the stories of families fleeing Ukraine, Afghanistan and Syria puts a human face on the work you do. Thank you and God bless your work and all you serve.” — Sarah N.