Our Donors
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USA for UNHCR Donors Stand in Solidarity with Refugees

“We are all connected on this little planet of ours. Unless all of us are safe and well and living in peace, none of us are.” — Deborah S., San Pablo, CA

“My mother and her family were refugees from pogroms in Ukraine a century ago. In 1920 they fled to Moldova — an all-too-familiar route today. I grew up with their stories and have shared them with my children and grandchildren. This donation was requested by my grandchildren.” — Dan S., Berkeley, CA

“We all need to consider and act on how blessed we are and how we can act to assist those transitioning through tragedy and hardship into a new life of happiness and success.” — Anonymous

“I’m an ordinary old lady but have so much, while people’s lives are being torn apart in Ukraine and elsewhere, and will never be fully repaired. I must do what I can to help. I can’t enjoy my life while their lives are destroyed. I only wish my circumstances would allow me to donate more.” — Ruth R., Salem, VA